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Virtual Services

While we love seeing you at Bright Star Counselling in the office in person, we understand there are times when virtual (online) counselling services are best suited. Sometimes you may not be able to physically visit us, or maybe your child doesn't feel comfortable with in-person time with our therapists just yet.


Whatever your reason may be, we offer virtual services to accommodate you and your family if you need it. They're available not only in Port Moody, Vancouver, and the Tri-cities, but also across BC.

What is online counselling?

Virtual or online counselling has existed before the Coronavirus pandemic ever happened. However, it has since pushed the need for online service. Now, we realize the need or want/wish to use online platforms further. 


Our virtual service gives your child the freedom to stay within the confines of their computer or tablet, allowing them to participate in one-on-one therapy through the comfort of their own home. It offers flexibility and convenience to ensure the stability of counselling sessions, less missed appointments, and more positive outcomes.

What are the benefits of online counselling?

We find that the clients who benefit from online counselling the most are children, youth, and parents who are unable to make it into the office easily. We also know that having young children means  juggling many things at once. You may find it easier for your child to have a session online, in this case. 

Access to therapy is faster and easier than ever now. Online counselling can help give your child time and opportunity to think through what they are feeling, and also time to consider the response of their therapist. Your child will learn how to thrive at their own pace, within the comfort of their preferred environment (even in their PJs).


Much like in-person counselling, our virtual services can also help teach you or your child the tools needed to reduce anxiety, decrease stress, improve self-esteem, reduce depression, manage big and new feelings, and adapt and become more flexible to new life changes.


Sessions from now on are similar to in-person. They're scheduled regularly, and we'll give you the instructions on when and how to attend your scheduled session.

If your family is ever going through a challenging or stressful time, our therapists at Bright Star offer counselling sessions online to support you as best we can. Online or in person, we can't wait to get to know you and your family. 

Don't hesitate to contact us directly if you have any more questions about our virtual services.
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