Occupational Therapy for Children


For children with mental health struggles, an Occupational Therapist can look at how that child uniquely responds to the world in regards to their senses, their environments, routine, and the demands placed on them and help find body based and environmental strategies to help them feel calm and safe, and help with attention and regulation of their emotions and behaviours. 


Typical signs of children that may benefit from Occupational Therapy include:

  • Difficulties with attention, impulsivity 

  • Extreme emotional reactions

  • Sensory difficulties such as sensitivities towards sounds or certain clothing or excessive seeking of movement 

  • Challenges with daily routines such as getting dressed, feeding self, or using the toilet

  • Difficulties feeling or understanding bodily signals such as the need to use the bathroom or eat

  • Struggles with fine motor skills such as printing 

  • Difficulty finding calming strategies for when upset

  • Anxiety 

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Restricted eating


Sessions are play based with the caregiver present. We will work to involve the caregiver to find calming strategies for how your child responds to sounds, touch, movement, etc; and exposure to feared sensations and create a “sensory diet” where we integrate the calming strategies naturally into your daily routine.


Sessions will develop strategies to promote fine motor or self help skills, self regulation practice and sensory feeding exposure as needed.