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Frequently Asked Questions

It's perfectly natural to have a lot (and we mean a lot) of questions for a new child and family therapist. That's where our handy frequently asked questions below come into play. 


Let us know if you have any burning questions still by the time you're finished reading this. We encourage everyone to ask questions because it means you have a curious mind, and the more we can answer, the better the counselling sessions will be.

Does my child need therapy?

It's recommended your child receives therapy if it looks like their feelings have become too big to manage. This can look like anything from your child/youth seeming withdrawn, to some big meltdowns. We all know as grownups that life is hard enough, so we don’t want to see children and youth spend too much time struggling to manage daily living. 


Not only is it best to seek help from a child therapist if something seems wrong, there are benefits to your child seeing a therapist even if everything is okay. That's because not only can a child therapist help your child navigate through stressful times in their life if there is a big change, but also seeing a therapist when everything is okay can help build up your child's confidence, ease anxieties, and help them process stress triggers and fears in a safe and comfortable environment.

Do you work alongside families?

Absolutely. We are a specialty family-led counselling clinic. That means all we do is provide therapy to children, youth, and families. We invest in so much training to keep up in this niche field, so we always provide families the most evidence-based therapy.

Do I need therapy?

Therapy is not only helpful to those who are struggling, but also for anyone faced with everyday life challenges and decisions. Many people seek counselling for several reasons, and not always because of a mental health condition that's either been diagnosed or going undiagnosed. With a therapist by your side, you can find the tools needed to learn to manage emotions, establish boundaries, and navigate through difficult times in a healthy way.

What does a child therapist do?

A child therapist offers a wide range of therapeutic options to help children cope with anxieties, regulate and process difficult emotions such as anger and sadness, and support them in their emotional times of need. They also specialize in early intervention and prevention of symptoms emerging from childhood anxieties, traumatic experiences, and difficulties adapting to large life changes such as loss and grief. 


Our child therapists use the arts of play and language to assess, help, and treat children and youth who are experiencing any difficulties that are emotional, social, behavioural, and psychological.

What is a child occupational therapist?

A child occupational therapist is a holistic health care professional. They work directly with children, youth, and their families in a variety of settings, such as in schools. If a child has sensory, physical, or cognitive issues, an occupational therapist works with the child to help them find their sense of independence in doing daily skills for activities, such as playtime, self-care, and productivity.

What can I and my child expect from a session?

We take a family approach to our sessions at all times. You will not be left wondering what we are doing with your child as you wait in the waiting room. We meet with parents at each session to hear what is working and what is not. You can expect us to work with you at each session and bring joy back into raising your child.

Why does my child need occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy assists children who have difficulty developing their motor skills, their sense of balance and coordination, and their ability to care for themselves such as eating, using the bathroom, dressing, and brushing their teeth. We've found that by providing this form of therapy to children, it nurtures their sense of independence and their confidence, allowing them to develop in a happier, healthier way.

What kind of therapy is right for me?

With so many therapies available it may feel extra tough deciding which therapy is the right one for your specific needs. That's why we usually suggest a free consultation prior to beginning any form of therapy or treatment. Everyone has a different experience with therapy, and yours will be unique to you. 


If, however, you want to move ahead faster, you can call our clinic directly. Our client services coordinators know our services well, and they can also direct you to the therapist that will be best matched to your child.

Do you enjoy being child therapists?

We love our jobs. We don't just do therapy. We do therapy alongside families, so we can bring joy back to families.

Did we answer all of your questions?

If not, we invite you to send any and all questions you may have to If we get enough of the same questions, we may add them to this section.

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