Support for Parents and Caregivers of Children in Counselling

Parents and caregivers are an integral part of a child's world. Parents are involved in the therapeutic process on a regular basis.

You may choose the following to participate in:

  • Parenting workshops -  workshops on mental health and parenting strategies. 

  • Home visits and support - parenting strategies and implementation in your home, and direct coaching. 

  • Parent coaching-individualized parenting session and plan development. 

  • Conflict and mediation service for parents and teens. 

  • Case management- coordination of community health and social services. 

  • Forms and letters- to support IEP, medical file or custody case. 

  • Social work assessments- evaluation of skills, strength and needs of families. 

  • School support- attending school meetings with teachers and learning support staff.

  • Custody and access assessments.