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Social Skills Support

Have you noticed that social skills aren't coming as easily to your child as they are to others? If so, don't panic; it’s not that your child doesn’t want to make new friends and interact with others. It’s more likely they just haven’t become fluent in their social language yet. That’s why our team at Bright Star Counselling have created a Social Skills Support program to help your child's social life grow and thrive.

What is Social Skills Support?

The Bright Star Social Skills Support program is a type of therapy that helps children improve their social skills, empowering and preparing them to build strong peer relationships. 

We always begin work on social skills with a new client by conducting a parent intake meeting. During this time, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your child's strengths and areas where your child needs support.

Our skills groups are carefully selected groups of children. We run some groups that support and help a specific diagnosis such as autism or ADHD, while our other groups are designed to both create a social network and find greater connections in school and in the community.  


In these groups, we carefully introduce new skills as time goes on. Each of them will target a certain social skill such as problem solving, sharing, and finding common interests. One at a time, new social skills are added to your child’s toolkit. Eventually, your child will feel more comfortable in social situations, make friends more easily, and become more confident.

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Who can benefit from Social Skills Support?

We’re passionate about helping children as they learn social skills and grow into the people they’re meant to be. In addition to groups with a specific diagnosis, we also run groups for children with selective mutism, social anxiety, general anxiety, youth groups, and addiction support. We run them whenever we see a need in our community, or per the request of a clinic or parents.


As new research on child development and mental health emerges, we are also constantly expanding our understanding of the way children grow and learn. Your child may simply need a little extra support…someone in their corner to guide them and empower them as they build their own special nurturing circle of care made of friends and family.

Still have questions about Social Skills Support?
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