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Counselling for Couples

Couples counselling is a unique service because it involves two parties—both of which play a role in a relationship’s strengths and struggles. When problems arise in a relationship, both partners share responsibility and need to work together in order to find solutions. If your partnership is feeling strained, stuck, or as if something is missing, couples counselling could be just what you need.


Couples opt for joint counselling for a number of reasons. We all change and grow while we're in relationships. Personal change can influence the dynamics of a couple, so beginning couples counselling early enables change to happen sooner and easier. And if you’re experiencing some issues in your partnership, counselling becomes even more valuable. 

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If you and your partner are experiencing any of these issues, it might be time to sit down with one of our therapists:


  • Ongoing and repeated arguments 

  • Struggling with the same types of issues (money, parenting, family ties, sex, etc.) again and again

  • One or both partners aren’t feeling heard, loved, or respected

  • Inactive or lacklustre sex life

  • Distance or lost connection in the relationship

  • Rebuilding and relearning trust in the wake of infidelity 

  • One (or both) of you is thinking about ending things

Whether you’ve been together for a couple of years or for decades, whether you’re married or not, whether things feel fixable or not, our team has the knowledge and experience to help you rediscover your connection to your partner.

Who benefits from this form of counselling?

Our team is highly trained and experienced in helping clients work through even the most complex of relationship issues. Communication is key in a healthy partnership, but sometimes this breaks down and it feels like you can’t have the open, vulnerable conversations that are the basis of trust in a relationship. 


As an unbiased third party, your therapist can give an objective look at your relationship, both the strong suits and points for improvement. Even more than that, our team at Bright Star is dedicated to helping you as agents of change.

It’s also worth noting that not all couples decide to stay together—and that’s okay. Our team strives to help you and your partner identify and overcome issues in your relationship. And while we’re dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for both of you, this can look different for each couple. So if you decide that separation is the best option, we’ll help you and your partner to make the process as respectful and supported as we can. 

How does the process work?

When you and your partner come in for your first session, we always begin with an in-depth interview, which allows us to get the full picture of your relationship. We cover a lot of ground in this first session, since it becomes the basis of all the work we do in future sessions. 


In the first session, your therapist will listen to both your experiences of the relationship, determine your goals (both as individuals and as a couple), create a clear and detailed plan that acts as the roadmap for your counselling journey, and finally get to work on creating tangible things each of you can do to strengthen your bond and get back on track.


Your therapist will work collaboratively with both of you; this may involve sessions together and some individually. Sessions are usually once a week initially or every two weeks. We use Emotion-Focused Therapy, Family Systems, and the Gottman Theory in our couples counselling. 


In couples counselling you can expect some of the following outcomes:

  • Learn and develop positive patterns of communication and interaction

  • Learn how to disagree, discuss, and resolve conflict without it devolving into a fight

  • Communicate your needs and expectations in a clear, positive way

  • Show love and respect easily

  • Feel safe to be vulnerable around one another

  • Plan a future together

  • Grow as individuals, not just as partners

  • Help with the separation process, if separation is decided upon

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If you’re wondering about how couples counselling can help guide your relationship, we’re here to help. Regardless of the status of your relationship, gender identity, sexuality, or anything else, we’re committed first and foremost to helping you and your partner communicate and help support you to build a healthy relationship with your partner. 

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