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Types of Assessments

Welcome to our comprehensive range of standardized assessments designed to provide insightful perspectives on your child’s sensory processing, feeding skills, and motor development. Understanding your child’s unique patterns is crucial, and our assessments aim to unravel these intricate details, offering a roadmap for tailored interventions.

Standardized Assessments provided:


  • Sensory Processing

  • Feeding Skills

  • Comprehensive Motor Skill Assessment

  • Printing and Written Output Skills

  • Visual Motor Skills

  • Fine Motor Skills

Sensory Processing Assessment: 

This assessment provides an overview of your child’s unique sensory processing patterns and the resulting behavioural and emotional responses to sensory input. Sensory systems provide a means for information received from the environment to travel to the brain. Once received, the brain interprets that information and designs a behavioural response. Each person receives, interprets and responds to sensory information differently. This assessment provides information to better understand how the child may be interpreting sensory information and what kind of  environmental support and sensory input would be recommended to help the child positively interact with their environment.

Sensory Assessment:

​This assessment is comprehensive. 5 hours of time which includes 1 hour in clinic time for observations/assessment of the child, 4 hours of scoring the Sensory Profile Questionnaire, results interpretation and report writing time and 30 minute debrief.
Total: 5.5 hours ($880)

Mini-Sensory Assessment:  

The short assessment is recommended for clients that want to have the information to guide treatment but do not require a full report to share with a community team (doctor/psychologist/school). 3 hours of time which includes 1 hour in clinic time for observation/assessment of the child, 1 hour of scoring Sensory Profile Questionnaire and 1 short report outlining results and 30 minute debrief:
Total: 3.5 hours ($560)

Feeding Assessment: 


This assessment will provide recommendations to help your child explore new foods and textures to add to their food repertoire.

  • Feeding Assessment: 3 hours of time. Intake Assessment in clinic time (60 minutes) ($160), Observation and Report session (60 minutes) ($170), Treatment planning session (30 minutes meeting/30 minutes planning) ($160).
    Total: 3 hours ($490)


  • Treatment begins from the fourth session onwards ($170) and should be booked weekly. Additional Feeding Evaluation Report available upon request and additional charge. 


Comprehensive Motor Skills Assessment: 


This assessment assesses your child's gross motor and fine motor skills to obtain an overall motor composite. This assessment is recommended if your child is suspected to have a Developmental Coordination Disorder

Comprehensive Motor Assessment:

5 hours of time: 2 hours in clinic to assess fine motor and gross motor skills using the BOT-2, 1 hour of scoring and 2 hours to write report and 30 minute debrief.

Total: 5.5 hours ($880)

Printing and Written Output Skills: 

This assessment evaluates the components of handwriting to discover what may be leading to poor or illegible handwriting. 


Fine Motor Skills:

This assessment evaluates the motor performance in the broad functional areas of stability, mobility, strength, coordination, and object manipulation.


Visual Motor Skills:

This assessment measures the extent to which children can integrate their visual and motor abilities. It is commonly used to identify children who are having significant difficulty with visual-motor integration. 

Fine Motor/Visual Motor/Printing and Written Output:


Therapist will decide on which assessment depending on the specific presenting concern. 3 hours: 1 hour in clinic for the assessment; 1 hour scoring/interpreting results; 1 hour report and 30 minute debrief.
Total: 3.5 hours ($560)

Kid with Digital Tablet

Mandatory 60-Minute Intake Session

Prior to any assessment or treatment, all clients are required to participate in a 60-minute intake session. This session, in addition to the cost of the assessment, is a crucial step in our comprehensive approach. During this time, our experienced professionals engage in open conversations, gathering essential information to tailor assessments and treatments to each client’s unique needs. This ensures a personalized and effective care journey from the very beginning. 

If you or your loved one could benefit from our comprehensive assessments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help you on your journey
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