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How do I know if counselling is working for my child and family?

Given the emotional and financial investment in counselling, you will want to see some results for your child. Of course, every child varies in how they progress in counselling, but you will want to see some of the following to know you are on the right path:

1. Your child is finding counselling to be a positive experience. There will be sessions that are difficult or progress will be slower, but generally your child will find counselling a safe, positive experience.

2. In counselling your child will be working hard learning about feelings, how to identify them, how they feel, and how to manage them. Look for your child to be able to name some of his/her big feelings.

3. Your child has learned some coping skills. Many children struggle to be able to use them or use them consistently, but look for your child working towards this.

4. As a parent you are learning how to support your child through their big feelings. This may be through learning new parenting strategies, learning about your child's diagnosis, or supporting your child to practise their coping skills.

5. You are receving regular updates on your child's progress, and feel comfortable asking questions about the counselling process. Your child's counsellor is a partner in your familes journey through counselling - always ask questions!


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