Before your appointment


  • If you are feeling sick please stay home and our client service coordinator will reschedule an appointment with you, without any cancellation fees.


  • Upon our arrival you will be asked a few health questions so we can ensure the safety of everyone at the clinic.


  • We ask that you bring a box of markers/crayons for your child to all appointments. ​Please check with your therapist about additional toys/stuffies your child might require.


  • Please arrange for siblings that do not have an appointment to stay at home, or you can go for a walk with siblings while your child is in a session.


  • Please come in at your appointment time, not earlier, to ensure there are less people in the waiting room.


  • Our waiting room is reserved for parents whose children are in a session.


  • Please use hand sanitizer when you enter and leave the clinic.


  • If you are waiting for your child in the waiting room during their appointment, we ask that you bring a mask, or we will provide you a non non-surgical mask for you and your child at the front desk.

Row of Colored Pencils

During your appointment

  • Your therapist may be wearing a face mask or shield depending on their preference.


  • Our plexiglass wall in our therapy rooms extends the entire length of the room, allowing all our younger clients to play side by side with their therapist, safety separated by the see through plexiglass.
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After your appointment


  • Our client service coordinator will be available to book all future appointments. You will have a choice to select an online or in person appointment.

  • Snacks and prizes will not be offered to children at this time to manage less contact.

  • Please observe social distance
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Bright Star Counselling precautions


  • Our team has increased our professional cleaning services to deep clean the clinic at the end of each day. Sessions will be 50 min in order to allow for cleaning between sessions. All our therapists will be staggering their start time to minimize time in common areas. If any of our therapists are sick, we will cancel appointments.


  • We are committed to keeping all our families safe and welcome any questions or concerns you may have.
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